ITUS General Information

All Russian Trade union of servicemen - "ITUS" ( former name - Independent trade union of servicemen of the Russian federation)

   The All Russian trade union of servicemen ( ITUS) was founded on January 17,1992 at the Constituent conference in the near Moscow town Saltykovka. 60 delegates from 54 Subjects of the Russian Federation participated. At the conference the ITUS Charter was adopted, leading bodies were elected, aims and tasks of the union were adopted.
   The right for association is guaranteed by :
   1. Constitution of the Russian Federation ( Article 30 )
   2. Federal Law " On the Statute of Servicemen" ( Article 9, part 2)
   3. The Russian Federation Federal Law " On trade unions, their rights and guarantees of their activities" which came into force on January 20, 1996.
   World experience of establishment and activities of servicemen trade unions was taken into account. At present in Europe only there are many military unions.
   ITUS is the only organization which seeks to represent social interests of all servicemen, citizens discharged from military service and members of their families. ITUS conducts its work on the basis of agreements with the leaders of federal bodies of executive power, where according to the Russian Federation legislation military service is envisaged. The legal ground of agreements is determined by the Russian Federation Federal Law " On the trade unions, their rights and guaranties of their activities".
   According to ITUS Charter ITUS member could be any Russian Federation citizen, who serves in the armed forces by contract or was discharged from the military service; citizen who is on state service of the Russian Federation bodies of Interior, bodies of State security service, bodies of the Russian Federation customs service, federal bodies of tax police, courts and prosecution office, who have special titles ( class ranks) as well as those, who retired on pension; members of their families who have reached 14 years of age, who recognize ITUS Charter and pay membership fees.
   At present ITUS is the most representative public organization of given categories of servicemen in Russia. Its regional organizations operate in 80 subjects of the Russian Federation.
   ITUS highly appreciates and supports the All European principle , that serviceman as " a citizen in uniform" has the same fundamental rights and duties as any other citizen in Russia.
   Serviceman who is called to defend rights and freedom of his fellow-citizens must have the opportunity to personally use these rights. This principle demands activity at the state level and is directed to eliminate any limitations of citizen rights not dictated by absolute military necessity.
   Establishment of the trade union of servicemen allows members of the organization to participate actively alongside with other citizens in the life of the country, to feel full rights members of the society.

   ITUS Krasnodar kraj organization at the demonstration.

   ĪTrade union of servicemen in all directions of its activities seeks to develop and enlarge its functioning, to assist support for servicemen and members of their families.
   In Subjects of the Russian Federation our organizations carry out independent regional programs of social protection of citizens in uniform.
   ITUS considers it necessary in order to achieve full satisfaction of social demands of servicemen and members of their families to establish partnership relations with all bodies and organizations where there are servicemen.

   Photo: Seeing off for service duty of the PSKR " Tver" of the Federal Frontier Forces of the Russian Federation.

   ITUS takes care of all servicemen, who conscientiously execute their duties, entrusted to them by the country.

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